Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim (Mahmudu Omar) introduced several Malian media into error, accusing the businessman Hassan ZEIN for nothing, just grotesque lies

Several years ago international criminal Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim (Mahmudu Omar), no less Omar continues to lay absurd and fallacious accusations against Hassan Zein, economic operator of his state and living in West Legon, in Acrra (Ghana), because the latter simply played a crucial role in his charge of rape against a minor girl aged 13 years named Anoud Jibril Yousef Al Salami.

To take revenge on Hassan Zein who led to his indictment, this Maliano-Yemeni, carrying several names and nationalities as indicated by his various passports which he holds, orchestrates a media campaign of denigration in order to destroy his reputation harshly acquired.

The indictment made it possible to expose the fraudulent, illicit and criminal activities carried out in Mali and in Ghana and elsewhere of Omar residing somewhere in the Spintex / Tema com 18 district in Ghana who claims to be Malian and declares to be working in the middle of Malian transport.


This means that this man is a real threat to national security. This explains why he has been actively sought by Interpol for several months.

Given the magnitude of the thing, the latter will involve a bunch of credible Malian media in its fight without giving the maximum detail to its media network including our media

This is why, in turn, the businessman Mr. Hassan Zein launched a scathing attack against certain media networks in Mali, including the site According to several Ghanaian media “ In recent months, some media platforms in the country have systematically reprimanded the businessman for no apparent reason.

Despite their irresponsible practices aimed at defaming the character of Mr. Zein, the Malian authorities have done nothing to bring order to the press houses concerned. Countless letters to the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ghanaian and Bamako embassies have proven in vain, ”they said.


According to our colleagues at ” The acts of the authors have, to a large extent, negatively affected the businessman, his businesses and his family. The disheartened businessman said: “I am surprised that the Malian authorities have done nothing against what I call irresponsible journalism. Their various reports are a disgrace to journalism, “he revealed in his May 09, 2020 release.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim (Mahmudu Omar)
Considering the violation of the freedom of the journalistic ethics and deontology our drafting after a joint meeting between the members of the said company decided in all responsibility to withdraw the articles sponsored against the businessman Hassan ZEIN, because quite simply according to our investigation, he is not involved in any such case.

The fraudulent activities of Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim, exposed!

According to our colleagues at “ Faced with the inertia of the director general of the criminal investigation department (CID), the pot of roses was gradually discovered on the activities of Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim. It emerges from our investigations, that the one hiding under the title of transporter is a real threat to the national security of Mali and Ghana and of the whole sub-region in general. In fact, the man exploits a union implicated in cyber fraud, the currency printing scam (mainly in US dollars), advance payment, visa fraud and passport racketeering among several other crimes alleged for him. and his union “, reveals our colleague.

The same site also published that ” to do this they manufacture and / or supply false passports from Ghana, Mali, Niger, Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo, as well as other countries to their desired customers (mainly people of African, European, Asian or Arab origin and / or other criminals) “.


In addition, in the context of cyber fraud, the gold scam, fake dollars and prepayment scams, Omar and his organized gang have successfully defrauded thousands of people around the world. Besides, his Beninese accomplices, including gang leader Kikissagbe Godonou, aka KGB, are currently imprisoned and are serving the necessary sentences.

And since Omar is on the run and his victims roam the subcontinent of West Africa in search of him and, this is what led him to Ghana. For those who do not know it is this same Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim said Omar would be at the origin of the assassination of an American envoy, ambassador of his state in Libya and claimed by the nebulous terrorist organizations led by Osama Ben Laden and Boko Haram. And this had been reported by our colleagues in the newspapers of Aïr Info and Le Républicain.

It should be noted that for several months this dangerous man has been actively sought by Interpol for his fraudulent, illicit and criminal activities carried out in Mali and Ghana and particularly in the Arab countries.

Source : Daouda Bakary KONE / Croissanceafrique.COM

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