[Shocker] Another actress from Tango One Films Production dead

Valerie Chidima Austin in popular Takoradi movie Tangayika, produced by Solomon Bosumtwi Sam of Tango One Films Production has joined the heavenly choir, www.kyfilla.com can reports.

According to reports gathered by www.kyfilla.com, the actress cum singer fell unconscious yesterday at her Beach Road residence and was rushed to Takoradi Hospital. She was then referred to the Cape Coast Regional Hospital where she passes on.

She was on life support when on our way to Cape Coast, a closed friend of Valerie told www.kyfilla.com.

Austin Chidima Valerie, 21 years of age was the first child of Tangayika heroine, Philadelphia Austin which was directed by Solomon Bosumtwi Sam of Tango One Films Productions.

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