Ball J drags Sarkodie on “Lullaby”, says “Sarkodie only gets high on his weed”


Ball J’s latest single Lullaby which is a direct reply to Sarkodie’s Sub Zero has left Sarkodie’s camp in blue since its release.

The internet space has never been like before with a growing number of diss songs flooding the web-space during this period of Covid-19 Virus.


Sarkodie has earlier released Sub Zero which met a great number of applauds but seems things have taken a twist since Ball J released Lullaby.

Let’s feed on some of the shots.

1. In the Lullaby track; Ball J taunted Sarkodie just some few seconds into the track claiming “Let’s talk about Money First(referring to Rapper M.anifest whose God MC track whipped Sarkodie in 2016)…not the Rapper, don’t run niqqa”.

2. Ball J went on to say all underground rappers can become Kings and no one has to die before – “to all my new school(underground) rappers, you can become the Kings, nobody has to die before” – the line however is a contrast of Sarkodie’s sub on Sub Zero which he said till he dies nobody can wear the crown.

Quiet an intelligent observation from Ball J.

3. Ball J went straight at Sarknation(fans of Sarkodie) shoving them that they’ll find it difficult to understand his lines and some tweets have proven that.

4. In a bid to brush aside all of Sarkodie’s earlier shots, Ball J quipped that – “I multiply all your subliminal shots by zero”. You know any number multiplied by zero is zero.

Eg: 200000000 × 0 = 0


Listen to the track here…

Many have called on Sarkodie to reply the song.

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