GNPC Foundation to provide free eye screening and treatment in Bibiani Municipality

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Foundation in partnership with Claron Health international is set to embark on a free eye screening and treatment for residents at the Bibiani Municipality in the Western Region.

The first phase  of the event  was held at the Ellembele district on November 12-15, 2018 would continue with the second phase at the Bibiani Municipality, starting from Monday 26 – 30th November, 2018.

The exercise would begin at the Awiaso Community Center at Awiaso on Monday 26th November before moving to Cherano on the 27th then to Bekwai on the 28th and Anwiaso on the 29th before it finally ends at Bibiani.

The intervention forms part of their mandate in providing and educating people in their operational area to improve their health and livelihoods, understands.

GNPC foundation
GNPC Foundation in partnership with Claron Health international

*Awioso ( 26th November, 2018)

Venue: Awioso Communication Center.

* Cherano ( 27th November,2018)

Venue: Cherano Health Center

*Bekwai (28th November,2018)

Venue: Methodist Church Conference Hall

*Anwiaso (29th November,2018)

Venue: Forecourt Palace.

*Bibiani (30th November,2018)

Venue: Bibiani Government Hospital

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