‘FALLOFF’ Movie Premiere slated for October 19 in Sekondi

The wages of laziness, they say is an everlasting poverty and the sound of it is grief. Indeed ‘FALLOFF’ perfectly tells that.

The educative movie which mainly talks about the importance of hardwork is based on a story written by astute filmmaker AB Micheals also known as Wiseman De-Filmaker.

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The movie is written and directed by AB Micheals with Wayo Asuwed Samuel helping in the production.


Story Synopsis

The wages of laziness is everlasting poverty and the sound of it is grief; making Doris and her family think that God has cursed them. But No-one can tell them what to think or feel! If they can control what they think, they can create the reality they desire.

“FALLOFF” is crafted to educate, inform, motivate and entertain Ghanaians and the world on the importance of hardworking, self control, respect, understanding the true meaning of love and happiness.


Francis Andoh (Falonzy)

The Talented professional actor who is reviving the Ghana film industry, the Award winning actor and face of Western film industry.


Rosemary Tsikata (Roma)

The Creative and charming Actress of our time who understands the power of “action”. The sensational actress the Ghana film industry has discovered.

Also known as the snake girl for featuring in the short film “man in love”. She won the Filmflair Academy Awards 2019 best cosmetologist

Ransford Osei Asare

Former acting manager at Connect FM in Takoradi. The award winning actor and western film icon is the man who makes his viewers suffer and get angry with him for his method of acting.

Julius Caesar

They romantic actor of our time. The actor who sees women as a gift from God to men in films. Very creative and professional.


Anastasia Aba Amoo (Anas)

Ghana’ film industry new discovery. A well trained talented actress who is winning the hearts of viewers. The voice of the people of Sekondi. Youth call her Lady Ann for her wonderful vision for the youth especially young ladies

Antoinette Essien – De -Actress

She is innocent in the real world but very dangerous, wolf in sheep clothes in film. Talented, creative and one of the actress viewers can’t leave without.

Vida Vija –

The actors favorite, a method actress the western film industry has discovered through Wise House. If you can’t cry at your mum’s funeral, watch her films.

Wayo Asuwed Samuel

I haven’t seen any actor in Ghana movies who act wicked roles so natural then this man. Very creative, smart and professional.

Louis Amevor (Gaddafi)

Only his facial will make your fear him. Well experience actor, creative and professional. He is film directors favorite

Emmanuel Banful (Basco)

They called him comic actor and he says no, I am not a comic actor. I am an actor because every actor is a comedian. Among the talented actors of our time.

Premiering Time, Venue, Tickets

The movie has been scheduled to be premiered on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Sekondi Youth Center.


Tickets are going for a cool GHC 30 but GHC 10 for natives in Sekondi and students as well and are available at Junior Rate Mess, The Score, Boys Boys Fast Food, Wise House all in Sekondi alongside
Carlos Super Market, Day By Day Chemical Shop in Takoradi and Ike Phone Shop in Kojokrom.

Tickets can also be purchased by calling the hotlines 0554932016, 0578999991 and 0247005373.


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