Takoradi: Nigerian arrested for sexually abusing 4-year old girl

The Kwesimintsim District Police have gripped a 40-year old Nigerian for sexually assaulting a 4-year old girl in Kwesimintsim, a suburb in Takoradi of the Western Region.

According to information reaching Kyfilla.com, the Nigerian with the name ‘Oga’ has been arrested for putting his penis into the mouth of the 4-year old girl, whose name has been withheld for security reasons.

According to the information, the 40-year old Oga is a petty trader with his shop close to where the mother of the young girl sells her sachet water at the Abenbobom New Market in Kwesimintsim.

Information has it that, Oga put his ‘lengthy’ penis into the mouth of the girl and forced her to swallow his sperm, threatening to kill her if she tells anyone.

We understand, the incident happened on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at the Abenbobom New Market in Kwesimintsim of the Western Region.

More to follow…

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