W/R: Agona Nkwanta- Busua stretch; a disaster in waiting

Danger is looming on the Agona Nkwanta – Busua, Dixcove Highway as the road has developed major cracks and faults.

The side of the road has shifted and tilted the heavy concrete structure.

According to pedestrians and residents, the road shifted when a car rammed it.

Drivers and Pedestrians are now using half of the road, which they say can possible result in disaster.

Speaking with some of the residents and pedestrian, they said, there is defective road, there is also a huge dent in the innermost lane of the side of the road, which poses danger to motorists, especially those who are not familiar with that stretch.

Since the Agona Nkwanta- Busua, Dixcove highway was opened to motorists, a lot of cars fell in a ditch due to how the road slopes.

Some of the pedestrians and residents say the road requires urgent attention before it collapses or bring disaster.

In an exclusive interview with the Assemblyman for Domeabra, Zone 3 and 4 electoral area, Mr. Thomas Odo Kwesi has appealed to the Department of highway and the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly to reconstruct the affected side of the Agona Nkwanta – Busua, Dixcove highway, opposite Pentecost church area.

Mr. Odo Kwesi who made the appeal in an interview with kyfilla.com at Agona Nkwanta, said the road that was constructed over some years ago hasn’t seen any repair. He suggested the need to renovate the side of the road which has become a dead trap before disaster happens.

Story by: Portia Cudjoe/Kyfilla.com

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