Western Television (WTV) set to advance the case of  its cradle

The conduct of business in the Western, Western North and Central Regions is about to be given a positive click, with the start of programmes roll-out by Western Television, having surmounted some teething challenges; resulting in a rather long time of its Test Transmission play.

Western Television (WTV) is a private commercial tv station transmitting from Queen of Peace Inside, near House of Bethel Avenue in Anaji (Takoradi) in the Western Region of Ghana.

After metamorphosing from Pasdan TV to Western TV in November 2018, the Station has witnessed a lot of changes in many aspects including the strategic change of its logo and programming; all towards the completion of its rebranding. Starting with an Islamic education program dubbed the Muazzin, Management is set now for the rolling out of very interestingly informative, educative and entertaining contents.

In an exclusive interview with the General Manager, Mr. Lord S. K. Cudjoe (known in showbiz circles as Hon. Kojokritical) expresses high optimism that WTV with its programme content and strategic disposition, is fashioned as a key stakeholder in the development agenda of the Western, Western North and Central Regions which the station considers as its cradle.
The Oil & Gas Community Relations expert General Manager holds the view that the area offers a lot of prospects that need to be projected towards uncovering business opportunities for local, national and multinational organizations; hence reduction of the generally high socio-economic challenges, through capacity building in diverse ways, availing of employment opportunities for the teaming youth in their various shades. “Western TV is mindful of how daunting the task of reducing unemployment in the area could be but using our platform to build the needed effective stakeholder relations and partnerships in that direction; the challenge is surmountable” Kojokritical added.

In response to the business readiness of the Station now, the Manager said that sailing on the tides of the programs being churned out, WTV is out with a comprehensive strategic marketing toolbox which will push certain barriers and help break through the media market. He refers to one of such tools as the Early Bird Airtime Service (EBAS) promotion which is running fromMay till the end of September 2019. He explains that the EBAS promo time is giving all advertisers two weeks FREE to promote their businesses on Western TV; just to announce our final arrival, and to allow the business world to feel a taste of our presence and difference. Till the promo expires, the Station’s rate card will be inactive and inapplicable, hence other contracts aside the promo offer will be based on the lowest price regime one can ever imagine.
He contends that “in the maze of opportunities set to be availed by this promotion, anybody at all the could make some money for the self, by just introducing an effective business to WTV, and being paid a handsome commission. Our own fight against the youth unemployment, has just been started”

Responding to the question whether WTV has something uniquely fashioned to meet the growing showbiz taste of the western youth, the Manager answered to the affirmative. He explains that apart from blending the languages of broadcast to ensure that all shades of the publics are catered for, a unique showbiz program to quench the thirst of the youth is dubbed the ‘Westsyde Legacy’. As to exactly what Westsyde Legacy entails, the Manager said “let’s sail by the timing of the wind, this time, not the current”

Concluding, Mr. Lord Cudjoe is of very high hopes, that grounded on the mission of WTV, the thematic areas of its programme; Sports, Politics, Education, Religion, Entertainment and Culture (SPEREC) are all designed in their respective ways to project the heritage, aspirations and development gaps of Western, Western North and Central Regions as our home, while advancing the case for same as an attractive hub for businesses from all parts of the globe.

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