Photo of Gyandu Park sparking more reason to uplift the venue

Gyandu Park, Sekondi

Talks on renovating Gyandu Park has flooded the media spaces for some time now, but a recent photo shared by Sekondi Eleven Wise spices up the economic interest of getting the venue back to its known standard.

Aspiring Member of Parliaments, Ghana Football Association Presidents, clubs’ owners are among those calling for the renovation of the venue.


Let’s have a look at this image and try and dissect the renaissance that comes with having the venue back on its peak – so let’s peek the below image.

Drone shot of Gyandu Park, Sekondi - Image via Eleven Wise Media
Drone shot of Gyandu Park, Sekondi – Image via Eleven Wise Media

The drone shot of Gyandu Park clearly gives a vivid view of all the surrounding and how that easily attract 15,000 people to fill the now broken seats.

The venue is located in the middle of the oldest town in the Western Region, Sekondi.


Gyandu Park is some 1KM away from the sea, Sekondi, a town that its largest population are involved in fishing. With that, many are are easily drawn to the venue on match days because of the short distance.

There are about 5 spots scattered around the venue which also inspire and whet the appetite of football fans and friends to the venue.

A nearby Mosque, A school just some 125 meters away and 5 big churches around the facility add to the easy advertisement of games – just as always getting the facility up to capacity, in some cases 8 clears hours to the kick off of some big games.


Sekondi Gyandu Park has had it fine touch of history and hopefully it gets back to its feet once again.

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