Delay wants to take her “prophetic calling” serious after predicting Shatta Wale will be betrayed

Deloris, known in short as Delay has lived to see her “prophesy” come to pass after Militants told on their boss[Shatta Wale] in their recent outburst.

Delay had predicted this will happen two years ago.


In a play back interview Delay had predicted that Shatta Wale will along the line have issues with his Militant team and earmarked Addi Self to be the most likely to tell on Shatta Wale if something like that is to happen.

Shatta Wale has revealed Addi Self has masterminded a betrayal hence sacking the Militant group.

Delay upon hearing that her prediction had come to pass took to her Instagram page to say that she has to take her ‘prophetic’ calling serious.

Take a look at her post below:

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