Businessman Hassan Zein Vindicated

We dismantle the strategies of MOHAMED Mahmoud OULD Ibrahim and his multiple facets of identities

by Croissanceafrique

Contrary to what many observers think it is that after the aborted peace agreement of Alhaji Sulley Bashiru Mohamed, and according to our colleague from the newspaper the “mutation” it was the turn of Bashir Ahmed Agali, consul Honorary of the Republic of Niger to Kumasi to invite the heads of the extended family of the victim and Omar, some of whom came from Yemen and other regions of the world to Accra for the meeting.

Also present were Hassan Zein and his lawyers, the children of Omar and other members of his family.

You see that it is a threat to the security of countries like Mali, Ghana and the areas of West Africa. Here, the meaning of our paper because quite simply, we understood that many other personalities were misled by the famous man with multiple nationality.

MOHAMED Mahmoud OULD IBrahim
According to our colleagues in the newspaper “Mutation” “it was during a meeting that Omar (who attended the meeting by telephone) admitted almost all of the allegations brought against him, in particular the desecration, the money taken from Hassan Zein as well as the bad press made against him. So he apologized unconditionally and without reservation to his family members and promised to be of good behavior, “he said.

The beginning of a story of a signature under the threat of betrayal

And Mr. Omar expresses his deep gratitude for the efforts of each other to ensure peace between the two parties.

Also a memorandum of understanding was signed in which Omar agreed to pay the sum of 25 thousand dollars within two weeks to Hassan Zein in pledge of recognition of debts which were due to him with the promise to pay the rest later.

But alas two days after the signing of this peace agreement, Omar and his family began insults, attacks, threats and all other means to defame and intimidate Hassan Zein and the members of his family.

As that was not enough, Omar fabricated nonexistent stories through dangerous and baseless allegations by calling Hassan Zein a terrorist, a drug tycoon, a
Terrorist Hassan Zein, a drug mogul, a fraudster and a financier of political parties across Africa.

So what led to the laundering of the charismatic businessman Hassane ZEIN

Besides, it earned Hassan Zein to be heard by Interpol Ghana before being completely whitewashed. Better he was congratulated by Interpol Ghana for being read precise on all his conclusions and asked Bamako to provide evidence which would never have reached him. Suddenly Interpol Ghana dismissed Omar’s accusations as baseless. Like Hassan Zein’s only wrong, it is helping a minor girl forever defiled.

Today he is in urgent need of police administration, the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), the interior ministries; national security; some information ; the status of women, childhood and the gender issue; justice and more particularly to the Attorney General so that justice can be done.

And that necessarily involves the arrest of Omar, who constitutes a real threat to the life of Hassans Zein, his family and the underage girl, forever defiled. If Omar continues to run today, it is largely because of the apparent lethargy of the security agencies to tackle the root causes of this series of crimes (including defilements, death threats, attempted murder, among others) which resulted in insecurity and emboldened Omar and his gang of thugs to continue perpetrating acts of lawlessness.

Here it is a fake carrier who does not say his name, read and you will understand

It is urgent for the highest authorities of Ghana and of Mali respectful of the laws to activate so that this man with multiple names and nationalities is arrested for the tranquility of the threatened people every day especially when we know that the man is highly wanted in Benin, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal and The Gambia. Let us recall that Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim calls himself to different according to the host countries with validly established passports. So in Mali he calls himself a transporter and calls himself Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim, in Chad, he calls himself Mahamoudou Mohamed, in Ivory Coast, he calls himself Abdoulah Ali Alhoni, in Niger he calls himself Mahamoudou Omar, in Libya he calls himself Khames Ibrahim Al ESani and in Iraq he calls himself Karima H.
Who of his collaboration with the world media see those of Mali

A bunch of newspapers (media) has been misled and this, through a system of purchasing conscience via the various newsrooms in the country (Mali). Other sources reveal that Mohamed Ould Ibrahim wanted to cost revenge against businessman Hassan ZEIN, the Ghanaian.

Here, we don’t want to achieve the honor of anyone, we want facts, just facts and facts are stubborn.

Hassan ZEIN is the straightforward businessman who wants to be everyone. So those who think that Hassan ZEIN is a megalomaniac, is wrong about the man because it is clear as snow no offense to his detractors.

Here we have discovered the truth. They are about twenty press organizations involved in this merciless affair.

But today, our mission is to differentiate the truth from the unequivocal grotesque lie. All of the partners of businessman Hassan ZEIN can turn around, as he is snow white in this case. Trust him, Mr. Hassan ZEIN is neutral in his battles and even in his business like any good businessman in the world. He is not involved in anything. Serious.


Source:Daouda KONE African Economy Magazine

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