Businessman Blasts Mali Media

Businessman Mr Hassan Zein has launched a scathing attack on some media networks in Mali.

Some media platforms in the said country in the last few months consistently chastised the businessman for no apparent reasons.

Inspite of their irresponsible practices aimed at defaming the character of Mr Zein, the authorities in Mali have done nothing to call the media houses involved to order.

Countless letters to the Malian Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Ghana and Bamako have proved futile.

The perpetrators acts have to a large extent negatively affected the businessman, his businesses as well as his family.

The disheartened businessman said ” l am surprised the Malian authorities have done nothing about what l describe as irresponsible journalism. Their various reportage is a disgrace to journalism.

“The media platforms involved in the said publications– and La Toguna should retract the falsehood immediately or face legal action.”

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