How Chinese government stabilized their alarming coronavirus cases

According to Wang Shi Ting, the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, about 87% of the 80,000 people who contracted the Coronavirus have fully recovered.

He enumerated robust measures that were put in place by the Chinese government to stabilize their situation.

1. Setting up an inter-emergency task force
2. Activating first level public health care through resourcing and equipping health facilities.
3. Mobilizing, sensitizing and educating the entire provinces, regions and the municipalities on preventive measures.
4. Mobilizing and empowering all rural and urban folks to join in the prevention and control.
5. By using all available media and platforms to popularize the effective ways of dealing with the pandemic.
6. Releasing timely information about the pandemic.
7. Locking down Wuhan
8. Using about 10 days to build two big hospitals with bed capacity of 2600 to deal with newly recorded cases and strict quarantining.
9. The Ali Baba Foundation led by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has distributed millions of masks and other PPEs to the Chinese populace as a preventive measure.
10. Building several other prevaricated quarantine wards.
According to Wang Shi Ting, for the 48 hours, no new cases have been recorded in China.

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However, out of 80,967 cases that have been recorded in the world’s most populous country led by Xi Jinping, 3,400 of the affected persons have died. And with the robust and vigorous mechanisms they’ve put in place, about 87% of the victims have now fully recovered and discharged.

According to the John Hopkins University, 10,000 deaths have been recorded globally.

Meanwhile, a Chinese tycoon, Ren Zhiqiang who criticized the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, for not doing enough to help the Chinese in this critical moment has mysteriously gone missing. Many local folks believe that, President Xi Jinping might have masterminded the mysterious act.

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